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Group Chairman
Dr.Joseph Lee,GBS,JP

Dedicated to Continuous Learning

Early in the 1960s, the parents of Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP, established Wofoo Industrial Company Limited and begun making its mark in the plastics industry. Dr. Lee decided to start his own business as Wofoo Plastics Limited ("Wofoo") in 1980. Being a successor of his family business in the plastic industry, he follows the concept of "MI" that means "harmony" and "prosperity". Dr. Lee is keen to perpetuate Wofoo's vision of bringing prosperity to both family and country, through fostering harmony amongst people and citizens.

Under the leadership of our Chairman, Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP, we have upheld the principle to be "Based on Quality, Built on Care" and the quality objectives of "sustainable development, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction". We focus on strengthening the capacity of employees by encouraging continuous learning and improvement, enhancing the quality of products and services.

Today, Wofoo becomes one of the largest PVC compound manufacturers in the Asian Region. We currently supply high quality PVC compounds and various extrusion products for world-renowned manufacturers located in Europe, America and Japan, who supply leading brands in the toy, cable and profiling industries.

Wofoo's corporate culture highly emphasizes on both social responsibility and unrelenting commitment to continual improvement. We consistently adhere to Wofoo's core values of being "Responsible, excellent, effective, proactive, united, environmental caring". Other than the provision of high quality products and services to our customers, we also pledge to contribute to the development of our society and country. Since 2002, Wofoo has been awarded the "Caring Company" recognition from the Hong Kong Council of Social Services consecutively for several years. As we desire to create a better future with and for Hong Kong, we continue to commit ourselves to realize our citizenship duties by promoting and contributing to various type of social activities.